May 3, 2019 Mike McLeland


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May 3, 2019

Dear chapter members.  There is a task force working on our Fall Conference, it seems that people are volunteering and then having conflicts.  Linda Marler is chairing, and has a timeline.  If you want to learn how to plan a successful educational activity she is the #1 person to learn from.

At the last meeting we were still looking for committed board members.  The chapter could use new blood instead of all of us “experienced board members” just changing hats.

There was a great article in the last “Rehabilitation Nursing” on how the ADA has failed to protect patients and workers (mainly nurses in the article) to allow them to reach their full potential.  The article focuses on higher court decisions that take some of the teeth out of the ADA, and brings up our role in advocacy when looking at everyday situations.  Karen Johnson also wrote an article in MSFocusMagazine on “Why I Choose to be an Advocate” Winter 2019.  It gives a patient advocate viewpoint.  We should be aware that in large part advocates from ADAPT saved the “pre-existing conditions” protection of the ACA by steadfastly lobbying congress.

One more thing I read this month was an article on referring our patients who use wheelchairs to specialists.  Most are not accessible.  So if you are referring to private physician offices the questions to ask are:  Is the building accessible and what plan do you have for getting the patient to the exam table.  The patients’ weight may also be a concern for both the practice choosing to make transfers and safety.


The next blog will be in June but keep your eyes peeled for a “Save the Date”.

Next meeting is May 16th 3PM at Medical Center of Plano.