November BLOG
November 10, 2020 Mike McLeland

November BLOG

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This year’s ARN REACH 2020 was a virtual first and it was a great experience. While I did miss being able to take a road trip down to San Antonio and enjoy the Riverwalk, this year’s conference did not disappoint. Having been to many in person conferences (Philadelphia-2001, Atlanta-2004, Chicago-2006, Orlando-2010, Las Vegas-2011, Charlotte-2013, Seattle-2017, West Palm Beach-2018 & Columbus-2019) this 10th conference in Twenty years as a rehabilitation nurse was excellent. It required many of us to conquer our technological phobias. I for one had to learn how to do a presentation in a Zoom room and make it “sound natural”. The format was simple to use being directed to the various Zoom rooms where presentations were shown either live or recorded. Presenters were present to answer questions. The best part was being able to go to recorded sessions that were missed and still get contact hours for it. There were opportunities to virtually network and to see vendor information including collecting passport information (which this year required getting an answer to a specific question to then submit and qualify for drawing). Posters were available for viewing at your leisure. My favorite part of the conference was having access to the film Get Busy Living which I watched after the Q&A session to end day 1. I am looking forward to hopefully being able to attend an in person conference next year in Providence, RI. However, if it needs to be virtual again next year due to pending pandemics, ARN has figured out how to do it and do it well. Thank you ARN staff and conference committee (Shout out to our own chapter member Paula). Also, the location for 2022 was also announced in the conference arena-San Diego, CA @ the Town & Country Resort.

Gillian C. Smith MSN RN CRRN CBIS
NETXARN chapter Past President

NEXT MEETING; On November 19th from 3p-4p hosted by Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas with a topic still in development. This will be a virtual event and join the meeting with the link on our website

First meeting in 2021 will be on January 21st 3p-4p and Baylor Frisco Rehab will be the virtual host. Don’t forget to join the Facebook group – Northeast Texas Chapter of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses.

Don’t forget to join the Facebook group – Northeast Texas Chapter of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses.